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Delivery hours : Monday - Wednesday 11AM-9:45PM . Thursday - Saturday 11AM- 1:30AM . Sunday 11AM - 8:45 PM

About our Company

About Us

At Pizzeria De Milano we strive to establish ourselves as the neighborhood pizzeria of choice serving authentic Italian food and a whole lot more…

Proudly, Pizzeria De Milano is now under new management, lead by a prestigious chef with industry expertise of over 20 years. The entire menu was revamped to include authentic Italian dished along side the pizza pie and our 100% dirloin homemade burgers. We now serve pasta, calzone, salads, subs, and appetizers as well as pizza, and burgers.

We mean business we say we strive to make the perfect pizza from our homemade hand-tossed dough, our signature secret sauce, and our unparalleled mozzarella cheese to the finest and freshest ingredients!

We offer our customers what they want – their choice of great ingredients or a selection of specialty gourmet pizzas with thin, double dough, or deep dish. Then, we bake it to perfection or as we say, “Perfetto!”

At today's Pizzeria De Milano, you can comfortably dine-in, call for pick-up or ask for our free delivery 7 days a week. We also offer lunch specials and all day value deals.

Pizzeria De Milano

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